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substance: Azithromycin
package: 100mg (3 pills)

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The drug Azab 100 from Parth Laboratories contains as the active component. This macrolide antibiotic is used to treat specific bacterial infections in medicine.

These include infections of the ears, lungs, sinuses, skin, throat and reproductive systems in addition to bronchitis, pneumonia, and sexually transmitted illnesses. Bodybuilders frequently use it to cure steroid acne.

Effect and benefits:

Steroid acne, also known as acne on the face, chest, back, and shoulders, is a well-known adverse effect of steroid use.

It happens as a result of steroids’ tendency to inflame and infect the skin’s oil glands.

The usage of Azithromycin prevents the development of the bacteria that lead to these skin infections. This lessens the severity of the appearance of acne.

Recommended dosage and duration of use:

Azithromycin pills are typically taken once day, with or without food, to decrease acne. The recommended daily dosage is between 300 mg and 500 mg (3-5 pills), and it is used for one to five days, depending on the severity of the acne. It should be taken every day at the same time.

Avoid taking aluminium- or magnesium-containing antacids for two hours before or after taking Azithromycin because doing so will reduce the drug’s effectiveness.

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