Fertomid-50 50mg (10 pills) for Sale in UK


manufacturer: Cipla
substance: Clomiphene citrate (Clomid)
package: 50mg (10 pills)


Fertomid-50 is one of Cipla‘s most well-known anti-oestrogen medications for sale in the UK. The drug’s primary ingredient is Clomiphene Citrate, also referred to as Clomid by many.

The drug’s initial modification was created especially for medical use, but over time it became widely used in sports. Clomid is primarily used by athletes during post-cycle therapy (PCT) because it successfully reduces oestrogenic side effects from steroid use.

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Effects and benefits: 

The negative effects of steroid use should be anticipated by athletes, and after a steroid cycle, they should pay close attention to the endocrine system’s recovery. It is important to note that the body essentially stops producing testosterone after a cycle of steroids. Additionally, oestrogen levels increase, which triggers catabolic processes.


Athletes who use Clomid maintain their post-cycle results and speed up their recovery times. The activity of female hormones is also reduced by this medication’s effective blocking of oestrogen receptors. It should be noted that Clomid’s active ingredients also aid in restoring the processes involved in testosterone synthesis. However, the drug’s active ingredient does not obstruct the oestrogenic growth of hormones, rendering it useless when taking anabolic steroid cycles.


The question of whether to purchase Tamoxifen or Clomid is still being debated by many athletes. Tamoxifen has some drawbacks, but Clomid is one of the newer medications that doesn’t have those drawbacks. On the other hand, these medications are roughly equivalent in terms of effectiveness. While Tamoxifen, for instance, is not advised to be used after Trenbolone and Nandrolone, Clomid can be used after a cycle of steroids regardless of their type.


Recommended dosage:

Only after the body has eliminated all metabolites should you take Clomid, according to experts. You must be aware of the drug’s half-life if you want to benefit the most from it. The ideal dosage is thought to range between 50 and 100 milligrams per day, taken with lots of water.

The use of Clomid in women is not recommended.


Recommended duration of use:

The advised length of use should not exceed 4 weeks.


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