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Natco Pharma’s Xtane 25mg anti oestrogen treatment, which contains the active ingredient Exemestane (also known under the brand name “Aromasin”), is an aromatase inhibitor for sale in the UK which has a wide range of applications.


It is used to treat female breast cancer in clinical settings, but the medication is highly regarded not only among doctors but also by athletes due to its absolute safety. Most frequently, aromatization issues affect athletes who use steroids. As gynecomastia develops, the athlete feels uncomfortable, and their overall health declines as a result of the conversion of testosterone to oestrogens.


It is therefore advised to take Exemestane to get rid of these issues. For new users, you should seek advice from experts and have your hormone levels checked before beginning. Our consultants can be reached through our website if you are unable to see a doctor.


Effects and benefits: 

  • Stops the aromatization process and prevents the conversion of testosterone into oestrogen
  • Avoids the effects of gynecomastia and prevents it
  • Helps reduce puffiness around the nipples
  • Helps muscles become more elastic and defined
  • Lowers the chance of transient hypertension
  • Increases the level of anabolic hormones
  • Enhances the effects of steroid compounds
  • Fills the body with energy and strength
  • Boosts sexual performance
  • Restores hormone balance.


Recommended dosage:

You should begin taking steroids for preventive measures in the third week of a cycle at a dosage of 12.5mg every third or fourth day. The dosage needs to be increased to 25 mg per day if you are experiencing the early stages of gynecomastia until these side effects go away. The athlete’s actions and adherence to all of the drug’s instructions directly affect the product’s efficacy.


Please keep in mind that Exemestane is a class 1 anti-oestrogen, which means that it can cancel out the aromatization process within the body by up to 98%, but it also means that there will be no oestrogen circulating in the bloodstream. The body still requires a certain amount of oestrogen for proper functioning, so you must make sure you can replenish these levels when this substance is stopped.


Furthermore, oestrogen is a crucial component of the building blocks that help muscles grow, so trying to eliminate too much of it will only make things worse. To avoid any oestrogenic side effects, please use this medication carefully and with caution when lowering your oestrogen levels.


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