HGH 36IU 1 pen of 36IU for Sale in UK


manufacturer: Pfizer/El Lilly
substance: Human Growth Hormone (HGH)
package: 1 pen of 36IU


Pfizer/Eli Lilly’s Humatrope (Somatropin) human growth hormone (HGH) 36IU Pen enables sportspersons to get back in shape and get a competitive advantage when it comes to improving their bodies and performance. For more than 30 years, pharmacology has used this medication, which is a synthetic form of growth hormone.


The human body becomes exhausted by heavy loads and gym workouts. This compromises immunity and increases the risk of accidents or burnout. This frequently results in difficulties with either building up muscle mass or, conversely, reducing body fat. HGH is advised for getting back into shape and creating a dry, fit, and defined body so that gaining the necessary muscle growth is much more effective.


This medication is created through a series of intricate gene manipulations in which genes are fused to peptide structures. In this situation, one can get good results from their workouts as well as for their general health.


This drug has received a lot of favourable reviews online. Regardless of the sport, it is frequently used by professional athletes as well as amateurs and beginners. Both track and field athletes and bodybuilders may fall under this category. However, seasoned athletes advise newcomers who want to purchase these drugs to get checked out, start the cycle, and adhere to all expert prescriptions.


You can be sure that if you use this medication, all the changes will be significant and your body and mindset will quickly improve. In contrast to the majority of other anabolic drugs, it has the fewest side effects, which is its main peculiarity. Less than a month after its administration, the initial positive effects become apparent.


Effects and benefits:

After completing a full cycle, an athlete can gain the following advantages:


  • Building up the bones and immune system
  • Strong gains in endurance can be seen
  • There is an increase in sexual desire
  • The body and mindset of the athlete both experience rejuvenating effects
  • A healthy amount of muscle mass gain while having little fluid retention
  • Catabolic processes are significantly slowed down
  • The process of burning fat is actively encouraged and stimulated
  • The body as a whole experiences faster recovery times. This can also refer to how long it takes for injuries to heal and to recover.


You can be absolutely certain that the growth hormone you purchase from a US anabolic store is an authentic medication that will work as effectively for expert or novice bodybuilders. It should be noted that many low-cost fakes are available today. However, the customer here receives a certified product that can be independently verified.


It’s crucial to undergo a complete medical examination and seek a professional opinion before purchasing a synthetic growth hormone substitute. In these situations, the best dosage can be determined and contraindications can be specified, as the use of growth hormone will only hasten any underlying heart conditions or mutated cell processes.


Recommended dosage:

An insulin syringe is required to inject the medication, which is produced in vials. Please abide by the following guidelines and recommendations to prevent side effects and get the best results from the administration:

  • To administer the medication into the subcutaneous belly fat, special water must be used to dissolve it.
  • There should be several doses made up of the daily dose. The dose is limited to 2.5UI units twice daily (morning and evening).
  • This substance should be taken at a dosage of 1-4 IU per day if treating an injury or using it as an anti-aging or health-protective
  • A daily dose of 4-6 IU should be given for ligament strengthening or injury prevention.
  • 4 to 8 IU per day is advised for fat burning, treating minor injuries, and gaining muscle mass.
  • Professional athletes or bodybuilders may have their dosage increased to 8–12 or even 12–24 IU per day, but only with caution and under a doctor’s supervision with routine blood tests.


Recommended duration of use:

Although bodybuilders’ cycles typically last between two and three months, they frequently use six-month courses when they need this agent to assist them and bridge their cycles.


Growth Hormone has some contraindications, including thyroid disease, brain tumours, pregnancy, intolerance to certain monosaccharides, and lipodystrophy or dystrophy.


Buying HGH online in the UK:

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8 reviews for HGH 36IU 1 pen of 36IU for Sale in UK

  1. Rueben Grubbs

    After a week of exercise, I can already envision the advantages of using HGH 36IU for a whole year. This Human Growth Hormone (HGH) supplement is the best choice for me. I am not saying this to anyone and everyone, but this supplement is really worth it! I am sure that you will be more than happy with using this supplement with your bodybuilding needs.

  2. Claudio Bayer

    It is too soon to say I have experienced all the benefits of HGH 36IU since I have only been using it for approximately 4.5 weeks. The main benefits only become apparent after 3-6 months. I can confirm that it is burning fat at the injection site, though. The area around my middle where I carry the most fat is the old tire. belly button and love handle down. Love handles and midsection fat are therefore obviously decreasing after rotating areas. It is sealed in its original container and all codes match. Genuine HGH product.

  3. Jamal Payton

    Although losing weight has never been a goal of mine, the fact that I have lost five pounds over the past few weeks—all of which appears to be belly fat—is encouraging. Though I constantly lower the dosage due to adverse effects, I haven’t really found any other advantages. The effects of HGH 36IU 1 pen of 36IU is available in the market as a safe product. The cost of HGH 36IU 1 pen of 36IU is not too high, which makes it affordable to most people.

  4. Isiah Cathey

    HGH 36IU 1 pen of 36IU is incredibly efficient I’ve been using it for six weeks and feel fantastic. The biggest change I’ve seen is how slim I’ve become. I eat healthily and adhere to a bodybuilding diet, but since I started using the product, the extra belly fat has disappeared. Also, my appetite has grown.

  5. Chauncey Moulton

    HGH 36IU accomplishes the desired result. Even though it has only been 16 days, I already feel it working. I solely use this to maintain my weight. I use 3ius four days a week, and it’s fantastic. The benefits of this Human Growth Hormone are amazing and I can’t imagine not using it. You will be happy and so will your bank account if you decide to try this product. It’s a great price too!

  6. Adolph Gillette

    I really adore HGH 36IU. Even though I am new to the HGH and have been taking it for approximately three weeks. I take 1 IU daily and am 35 years old and 150 pounds with no negative effects. I can’t wait to see the results after committing to this for the next six months.

  7. Jasper Meza

    Used HGH 36IU for more than a year. Every day, from 2 to 4 IUs. The list of good effects from taking this Human Growth Hormone amount includes healing of acne scars, thicker hair, decreased body fat, and much more. When you first start, it could make your fingers numb, but that will pass.

  8. Porter Cornwell

    I included HGH 36IU in my anti-aging lifestyle program. I only use 1.5 IUs of this HGH each day because I utilize other medications to encourage my pituitary to naturally create more of the hormone (split into three equal doses). Due to quicker healing, reduced discomfort, and better sleep, I saw a noticeable improvement in my gym performance almost right away (within the first week). I eat more food, and as a result, my body is much, much thinner. I am delighted with the results of Human Growth Hormone at this dosage and will continue to take 2, 3, and eventually 4 IUs each day to benefit from stem cell activation and muscle growth and development.

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