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The main purposes of Dragon Pharma’s Accutane (Isotretinoin) 20mg oral antibiotic skin treatment pills, also known as “Tretizen”, are to lessen the appearance of severe cystic acne and to encourage the skin to regenerate more quickly. The moderate to severe acne outbreaks that can result from using anabolic steroids for an extended period of time are also treated with Accutane.


Steroid-induced androgenic increases typically increase the risk of acne in areas of the body with oily skin (such as the face, chest, and back), especially in people who are genetically predisposed to the condition.


The oil (sebaceous) glands may become prone to infection and inflammation as a result of systemic steroid use. This can consequently lead to or exacerbate skin conditions like acne.

Accutane works by limiting the amount of oil produced by the oil glands in all areas of the skin. As a result, Accutane works well to treat steroid acne.


The medication affects the sebaceous glands’ size and sebum production. It has been demonstrated that isotretinoin works to reduce sebum production by killing the Cuti bacterium acnes and inflicting cell death on sebaceous gland cells. Because it affects all four major infectious processes associated with acne, isotretinoin stands out from other acne treatments (like antibiotics) and has been proven to be effective in severe cases.


Effects and benefits:

  • Indications and effectiveness
  • Isotretinoin is prescribed for the treatment of severe acne
  • Acne with nodules
  • Acne clusters
  • Acne with the potential for permanent scarring
  • Acne that is resistant to conventional treatments.


Recommended dosage:

Isotretinoin’s therapeutic effectiveness and adverse effects are dose-dependent and patient-specific. This dictates the need for individual selection of the dose during treatment.


The optimal dosage has been demonstrated to be 120–150 mg per kg of body weight (per course of treatment), so the length of therapy for particular patients depends on the daily dose.


The amount of Accutane that is typically prescribed by a dermatologist for general acne breakouts ranges from 80 mg per day up to 160 mg per day. For a certain period of time, it must be taken with food, and occasionally the course of treatment may need to be repeated. But most people who use Accutane to treat steroid acne only take 10–20 mg per day.

Recommended duration of use:

They are typically only used for a period of 6 to 8 weeks. In most cases, 16 to 24 weeks of treatment is sufficient to completely eradicate acne.


Treatment can be continued at a lower dose but for a longer period of time in patients who do not respond well to the recommended dose. If there is a definite recurrence, a second course of isotretinoin therapy at the same daily and course dose as the first is recommended. A second course should not be recommended before the end of this time period because improvement may continue for up to 8 weeks after withdrawal.


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8 reviews for ACCUTANE 20mg (100 pills) for Sale in UK

  1. Damian Holloman

    The study that is being shown has made me feel good within. Especially with cystic acne and similar issues. For the first 30 days, one pill of Accutane 20mg of Dragon Pharma was taken each day. It helped, but not long-term. Second regimen: 2 tablets every day. That seems to be the solution. Please take note! -I frequently have very greasy skin. I ran this to help clear it up as I was removing my gear. Because it is harmful to your liver, you should use caution when taking this. Avoid the sunlight! I’m a 32-year-old male who weighs 190 pounds.

  2. Dante Adam

    It has a distinct flavor when you bite into Accutane 20mg, and it also dries out your lips. Although I’ve only just begun using it, considering these qualities and the fact that the redness is already beginning to fade, I’d say it’s in good shape. My lips are dry despite only taking 20 mg per day, so that’s a wonderful indication! I’ve never had a bad experience with Dragon Pharma, and I absolutely suggest this Isotretinoin (Accutane)!

  3. Ollie Demarco

    “My acne was entirely cured after taking 20mg eod of Isotretinoin (Accutane) for a year, and it hasn’t returned. Accutane side effects are less of a concern for me. Run a low dose for a longer period of time since not much is required.

  4. Derick Mosier

    I gave Isotretinoin (Accutane) a 10 mg EOD dose. Maintain my skin’s purity even while PCT. My acne was cured in a week or two. The benefits of Accutane 20mg lasted for a long time after I finished the course.

  5. Rod Southard

    I purchased this Accutane 20mg at the time of its release because I had previously used Dragon Pharma. This tan has been on for about three months. And this product performs admirably. I visited a dermatologist, who advised me to take 40 mg daily if I planned to use tanner. I had minimal back acne when I started gear, therefore my dose was 40 mg. And my back stopped breaking out; all I have to do now is wait for the scars to go. I experienced the typical negative effects of chapstick-treated lips, dry skin, and a need for extra water.

  6. Mel Luce

    Accutane 20mg is an oral medicine that improves the appearance of acne, especially severe acne. The main active ingredient in Accutane 20mg is isotretinoin. Accutane 20mg reduces the number of white blood cells and helps reduce inflammation in the skin.

  7. Frances Gann

    Accutane 20mg is an amazing product! I am speechless at what it has accomplished for me. Since I was around 15, I’ve had back acne. I started using Isotretinoin (Accutane) when I was 32 years old, and now, at 35, I have almost no acne. I assumed it would go gone temporarily and return once I stopped taking it, but 2-3 years later it hasn’t. I won’t lie; the dry lips hurt really badly. I merely carried a water bottle and applied chapstick. In my view, it was well worth it.

  8. Octavio Perryman

    Accutane 20mg by Dragon Pharma has helped me greatly in my long battle with acne by clearing up a lot of it and preventing breakouts. Additionally aids in reducing and shrinking acne scars, which lessens their visibility. You frequently have dry skin and lips. For four months, spread the dosage out across around 80 milligrams every day. The benefits of Accutane 20mg have been well known for years, and you have probably heard that this medicine can cure at least some cases of acne.

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