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manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
substance: Mix of Clenbuterol and Yohimbine
package: 10 ml vial (5.8mg /ml)

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Given that it has the unusual ability to burn fat cells specifically, Helios is the drug that athletes are most eager to try. It is used by athletes of both sexes and is proven to be a powerful tool in the battle against fat deposits in troublesome areas.

Effects and benefits:

An injectable preparation called Helios has a potent fat-burning effect. The product is released in 10ml glass bottles. Yohimbine and Clenbuterol Hydrochloride are the major active components.

The first is the main treatment and is well known in the world of sports as a preparation for drying the body. The second improves Clenbuterol’s potency by a factor of five and has an ancillary impact. Yohimbine (5.6mg) and Clenbuterol (30mcg) make up the majority of the active components in each 1ml dose.

Recommended dosage and duration of use:

Since the fat burner Helios is a potent drug, the recommended cycle is two weeks. Because the energy from the burned cells is converted and expressed in a large surge of strength, reception is recommended in the morning as taking it later in the day could cause interruptions in sleep.

The release form of the mix assumes its injectable use and using insulin syringe that has a thin needle will be the athlete’s best option. The athlete chooses the injection site themselves; it should be the most problematic area where removing fat deposits is most challenging.

A minimal dose of 1ml is used to begin the cycle and the dosage is evenly administered under the skin, directly into the fat fold. This is important for the combustion process to take place over the entire zone.

After the first use, it is advised to closely check your health and note any changes in your condition for the rapid discontinuation of the drug usage.

The dosage can be gradually increased if nothing changes. The maximum allowed rate for women is 2.5ml, whereas it is 3.5ml for men. The maximum dose may be taken twice day, once in the morning and once before exercise.

Both the start of the course and its end should be progressive. You cannot simply stop using the drug. A daily dosage reduction of 0.5ml is acceptable. The course lasts 7–14 days. In the event of inadequate results, the course can be repeated but only after two weeks of rest.

The key benefit that drives athletes to purchase Helios is that it not only works well for local subcutaneous fat burning, but also works to prevent the build-up of new fat.

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