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manufacturer: Sun Pharma
substance: Modafinil
package: 100mg (10 pills)

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Based on the drug Modafinil, Sun Pharma has created Modalert 100. It was created in the late 1980s and is a member of the class of drugs known as psychostimulants.

It has been used in medicine to treat depression, memory and attention deficit disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, and other illnesses that induce daytime sleepiness in addition to narcolepsy, which causes people to fall asleep unexpectedly during the day.

Effects and benefits:

Most of the time, Modafinil affects the body through working on several areas of the brain. Its main effect is its capacity to quicken mental responses, which play a crucial part in controlling wakefulness and sleeping cycles.

The drug is also a doping agent. It has been discovered by athletes that it can enhance athletic performance by enhancing speed and endurance. Bodybuilders are known to use it to reduce body fat since it has appetite-suppressing properties.

Recommended dosage and duration of use:

The morning is the best time to take Modafinil tablets, along with plenty of water. The danger of developing sleeplessness at night exists if the drug is taken too late in the day.

Depending on the user’s tolerance to this kind of drug, a daily dosage of up to 200mg of Modafinil is advised.

A daily dosage of 1-2 tablets of the Sun Pharma drug, which contains 100mg of Modafinil, is sufficient.

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