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One of the strongest steroids is Oxandrolone. In 1961, it made its debut appearance on the market for sports drugs. After that, it was sold under the brand name Oxandrolonos. The steroid is still often used.

An improved formula that is very effective is offered by Pharmacom Labs and many elite athletes have used their products during their careers.

Effects and benefits:

This anabolic drug was initially used in medicine mainly for the treatment of burns. Later, though, it started to be used in the area of athletic training, much like other steroids of a similar nature.

Oxandrolone has a considerable anabolic effect. It is four times as powerful as Testosterone. When compared to other sports pharmacology, this works well. The drug’s main goal is to boost strength and endurance indicators while keeping muscle mass parameters constant.

It is worth to pointing out, the following benefits:

  • Effective fat-burning results.
  • Effective drawing of muscular definition.
  • A qualitative improvement in the parameters of strength that lasts.

Recommended dosage and duration of use:

The athlete’s specific bodily factors determine the length of the cycle and dosage of Anavar.

Weight, gender, training history, reaction to pharmacological components, as well as actual and anticipated results, are all significant indicators. It is preferable to avoid using anabolic steroids if you have health issues or if there are any (even minor) contraindications.

The length of an Anavar cycle is typically 1.5 months. In some circumstances, it may last up to two months. The cycle should begin with 20mg per day if nothing else is taken in addition to Oxandrolone.

The starting dose can be increased to 30mg for more experienced athletes. The effective dosage gradually increases to 50mg. The dose can go up to 80mg when taken under a doctor’s supervision. But this only applies in unusual circumstances.

The highest daily dose of the drug is 80mg. If it is exceeded, the body will experience a far worse effect. Tablets come in 10mg strengths to make dosage administration easier.

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