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Alpha Pharma’s Oxydrolone oral anabolic steroid pills contain Oxymetholone (also known as Oxys, Naps, and Anadrol), which is among the most effective substances on the market for enhancing the effects of your workouts and hastening the process by which you gain muscle mass. Since its introduction more than 50 years ago, Oxydrolone has been used by both amateurs and experts to actively build high-quality muscle mass.


Bodybuilders and athletes looking to gain muscle mass quickly and enhance their strength, performance, and endurance frequently turn to Anadrol when they reach their genetic potential and lose the desire to keep improving.


Effects and benefits:

  • Exercises and hard workouts are quickly recovered from, and there is hardly any post-workout pain
  • The anabolic activity of oxymetholone is three times that of testosterone
  • Up to 25 pounds of significant muscle mass gains in a single cycle
  • A notable increase in strength and endurance during training, allowing for greater intensity
  • By promoting the production of transitory synovial fluid during cycles, bone and joint pain is reduced, and strength is increased
  • SHBG levels in the body are reduced, which aids in metabolism (required when combining the drug with other anabolic steroids).


Recommended dosage:

The administration procedure should start with a small dose to monitor the body’s tolerances and reactions to this medication in order to choose the dosage appropriately.


Less than 50mg per day is recommended for beginners, and 12–25mg per day for women.


The recommended daily dose of this drug for more seasoned athletes should not exceed 100 mg. For additional guidance on how to minimise side effects for doses greater than 100 mg per day, a professional should be contacted.


Recommended duration of use:


For men the cycle is only four to eight weeks long and for women its four to six weeks long, because of the potential liver toxicity.


The ideal time frame is 30–45 days, even for seasoned athletes.


Your physiological parameters should be taken into consideration when adjusting the drug’s dosage because it can make a user more aggressive.

In order to check your health and rule out the possibility that this medication will have a negative effect on your body, it is also advised that you speak with a fitness expert before starting the cycle.


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