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OxymePrime is a hormonal drug that contains the active substance Oxymetholone (Anadrol). This anabolic is used to gain muscle mass and is considered to be the strongest oral steroid in the world. Its progestogen activity is similar to oestrogen activity so it is important to keep an eye on how your body tolerates the drug. Reduced sexual activity may occur while using the drug.

Once the cycle has come to an end, you are required to use anti-oestrogens (not Tamoxifen). We recommend combining it with Stanozolol because being a progestin antagonist, it reduces the chance of developing side effects with use of Anadrol.

Effects and benefits:

  • The growth of muscle mass.
  • In one cycle, you can gain up to 15kg of muscle mass, without losing it after the cycle.
  • Increased endurance and strength. Haematopoiesis improves, increasing the transport of oxygen to the muscles.
  • The drug eliminates joint pain and protects your joints when using heavy weights.

When using the drug, the body retains a lot of water in the muscles. We recommend that you be prepared for a severe drop in a water weight after the cycle has come to an end: Approximately 3 – 4kg of the total weight gained.

Recommended dosage and duration of use:

Men that are over the age of 21 can use the drug in order to gain muscle mass. We recommend a dosage of 50 – 100mg per day, for a period of 4 – 6 weeks.

Start the cycle by using 50mg and increase the dosage up to 100mg the following week.

10 days prior to the end of the cycle, start decreasing the dosage to 50mg per day. If your weight is below 90kg, 50mg should be the maximum dosage used throughout the cycle.

Abuse of the drug will lead to the onset of side effects.

Compatibility with other AAS

Oxymetholone works well with many injectable substances but should not be taken with 17-alpha-alkimeric steroids due to the increased stress on your liver.

Anadrol should be taken as a starting steroid in a cycle because it starts working extremely fast.

Oxymetholone stimulates the growth of blood cells, thereby increasing the supply of oxygen to the muscles, and this effect helps to increase your endurance. Use of the drug ensures a high level of regeneration so you never have to worry about over-training and you will have a constant supply of energy.

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