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manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs
substance: Sustanon 250 (Testosterone mix)
package: 10ml vial (500mg/ml)

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A lot of athletes and bodybuilders take Sustanon. The composition of the drug contains four male hormone esters, which allow it to operate fast and maintain strong anabolism for a long time.

Due to its high 350mg/ml concentration level, the strength of this substance is “overwhelming” for some new users according to the majority of consumers, making this version of Pharmacom Labs Sustanon one of the most popular brands to date. Pharma Sust 500 definitely packs a punch for its users because it is 100mg more potent per ml than the majority of others.

Although all major sports drugs companies create a variety of testosterone esters, none are as powerful as this drug. Local athletes like the drug’s manufacturer and they have given them many well-deservedly favourable ratings.

The effects of Pharma Sust 500 by Pharmacom Labs begin soon after the first injection and last for a considerable period of time (for up to nearly three weeks).

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Effects and benefits:

The drug shares many characteristics with endogenic testosterone produced by the body. It significantly expedites the production of protein compounds. This starts the muscles’ active development process. Sustanon further offers:

  • Active gains the muscle size and volume.
  • Significant improvements of the sportsman’s physical properties.
  • No load on the joints and ligaments due to the excess fluid.
  • No harm on the liver, due to being non-toxic.
  • A proper recovery therapy can prevent rollbacks.
  • Improves the appetite for the user while on cycle.

Recommended dosage and duration of use:

It should be mentioned that Sustanon cycles can be suggested for athletes who are just starting out. They typically take 500mg each week, though this can be divided into two separate doses done twice a week.

This dosage may be increased to 1,000mg per week for more experienced athletes. It should be emphasised that elite athletes typically give themselves 1,000mg of Sustanon each week, but this is only done with caution and with the experience of these users.

When taken in combination cycles, the drug is fairly effective. Sustanon and Nandrolone Decanoate together provide the best results for a mass-gaining cycle, but oral drugs like Dianabol can also be used for the first six weeks.

Sustanon with Masteron, a fast-acting Trenbolone, together with Stanozolol (Winstrol) during the last six weeks of the cycle might be used if you need to dry out the muscles in order to run a successful cutting cycle. An average Sustanon cycle lasts two to three months.

Post-cycle therapy

Sustanon’s affordability is crucial for beginner athletes, but so is the ability to control the drug’s side effects when used in high dosages for extended periods of time.

If the oestradiol level increases significantly during the cycle due to testosterones aromatization process, you can begin taking Anastrozole in the cycle to prevent this issue from week four at 0.5mg every 3-4 days. This drug will quickly reduce the level of aromatization.

Tamoxifen should not be used during post-cycle therapy if you combine Nandrolone or Trenbolone with Sustanon for your cut or bulk cycles as these steroids affect the body’s progesterone levels and Tamoxifen will not help to combat these high levels. Instead, it is preferable to replace this drug with Cabergoline and Clomid.

As oestrogen is a crucial component of both muscle growth and the aromatization process that is necessary for gaining muscle mass (oestrogen levels), early inhibition of this process will also decrease the effectiveness of the entire cycle. As a result, your dosages must be carefully monitored to avoid completely flattening these levels.

A few weeks following your final Sustanon injection should be when you begin your recovery programme. Unless Deca or Tren are used as described above, take Tamoxifen and Clomid at this stage.

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