Enantat 400 10ml vial (400mg/ml) for Sale in the UK


manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
substance: Testosterone enanthate
package: 10 ml vial (400 mg/ml)


Enantat 400, has the active substance Testosterone Enanthate. Low testosterone levels can be treated with the anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS). While androgenic drugs suggest changing male sex characteristics, anabolic drugs function by increasing muscular mass. Testosterone Enanthate, also known as Testosterone Heptanoate, has been used in clinical philosophy since the 1950s.

Effects and benefits:

Because of the body’s tendency to retain fluid as a result of the elevated sodium content caused by the usage of Testosterone Enanthate, muscular mass increases. Enanthate boosts regeneration processes like Testosterone Propionate, it is therefore used frequently to treat joint ailments and intervertebral disc issues.

The steroid’s effects are experienced all over:

  • Enhanced motivation, there is an increase of strength and a desire to exercise.
  • Increased general tone.
  • Boosts sexual desire.
  • Increased spermatogenesis.
  • Increases red blood cell mass.
  • Improves nitrogen metabolism.

Testosterone Enanthate users might gain strength quickly. As a result, both powerlifters and weightlifters are intrigued by this drug.

Recommended dosage and duration of use:

Intramuscular injections of Testosterone Enanthate are administered about twice a month. Lower doses are recommended to be consistently injected in between these times in order to prevent the fluctuating hormone levels and the associated mental states. Individual tolerances and the intended application may change the dose.

For male hypogonadism, the advised dose is 50 to 400mg twice a month. For delayed puberty, the dosage is 5 to 200mg twice a month. For breast cancer, 200 to 400mg twice a month. For hormone therapy, the advised and effective dosage ranges between 50mg to 200mg taken every week. Sometimes 100mg to 250mg per week can also be taken.

Bodybuilders and sportsmen that inject Testosterone Enanthate regularly to enhance performance will take 200–500mg daily. If the hormone is only being taken to counteract the natural testosterone suppression caused by the usage of other anabolic steroids, this range is perfectly normal.

Extreme sport athletes will regularly inject between 400 and 500mg of this steroid to attain the most amazing results. Users who use this dosage demonstrate that the side effects are irrelevant and are manageable for those who experience them. You should be warned that greater doses could have certain negative consequences.

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