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manufacturer: Magnum Pharmaceuticals
substance: Testosterone propionate
package: 10 ampoules (100mg/ml)

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Testosterone Propionate, a typical injectable derivative of the main male hormone, testosterone, is what is contained in Magnum Test-Prop 100. The Propionate ester that has been introduced slows down the release of testosterone from the injection site.

As a result, Testosterone Propionate needs to be taken much more frequently and is faster acting than other testosterone esters like Cypionate or Enanthate.

It is a widely available drug that can rapidly boost muscle size and strength because it is an injectable form of testosterone. The 17-beta-hydroxyl group of testosterone is linked to a carboxylic acid ester (propionic acid) in the form of Testosterone Propionate. Testosterone Propionate has a half-life of around two days following injection.

Effects and benefits:

The beneficial effects of Testosterone Propionate when taken in a cycle are:

  • Increase in muscle mass.
  • Burns fat.
  • Enhances definition.
  • Increases power indicators.
  • Boosts libido.
  • Lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood.
  • Reduces the risk of coronary artery disease.

Recommended dosage and duration of use:

Testosterone Propionate injections normally range from 50 to 100mg every other day, with a 4-6 week cycle being the typical duration. A dosage of up to 200–30mg is permitted for experienced users. 25–50mg every 4–6 days will be more than enough for women who decide to use this drug.

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