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manufacturer: Healing Pharma
substance: Testosterone supplements
package: 14 x 5g sachets per box

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Testoheal Gel (Testogel) by Healing Pharma is a popular topical gel steroid used to increase testosterone levels in males.

Testosterone Gel, in contrast to other synthetic drugs frequently consumed or given intravenously, is applied directly to the skin, absorbing into the muscles and bloodstream to raise testosterone levels and build muscle for bodybuilding. When consuming extra calories for maximum muscle growth during bulking or mass-building cycles, the gel can be used.


The synthetic form of the male hormone testosterone is the active component of testosterone gel, a colourless gel with a 1% concentration. Males who have been diagnosed with hypogonadism and are receiving replacement therapy typically use testosterone gel to treat low testosterone levels in their bodies.


Effects and benefits:

  • Your workouts at the gym will be more intense
  • Energy levels will be boosted
  • Increased drive to lift more weight during exercises, pushing the muscles to their maximum capacity
  • Aids in the quick repair of muscle tissue, enabling quick muscle growth
  • Better sleeping habits
  • Strengthened immune system.


Recommended dosage:

Each sachet of Testoheal gel weighs 5 grammes, and they are used to package the gel. The user receives between 25 and 50mg of testosterone every time they apply one sachet, which is also the recommended daily dosage for this hormone.

As a result, each day, you will use one sachet. To see any results in a performance setting, doses as high as 20–30 mg daily are necessary. The daily dosage may be increased to up to 100mg (2 sachets) if required.


Reduced doses of the medication should be used by patients with compromised liver or kidney function. Blood tests are used to determine testosterone levels following the start of treatment.


Application instructions:

  • After opening the sachet, the testosterone gel should be applied right away.
  • Simply apply a thin layer of the gel to the skin; it is not rubbed in. The gel is applied by the user themselves to clean, dry, and healthy skin.
  • Since only 10% of the gel solution is absorbed, it is best to apply after taking a shower because dirty pores prevent the gel from working properly.
  • Because it might irritate the skin, avoid applying the medication to the genital area. The shoulder, arm, or abdomen are the best places to apply it.
  • Use the entire contents of the single pouch as instructed, and wait at least five minutes before changing into clothes to give the gel time to dry.
  • It is advised to take the medication at the same time each day. The best time to apply testosterone gel is in the morning so that the body can absorb it throughout the day. Additionally, this will allow the gel to slowly seep into the bloodstream.
  • When being in close proximity to another person, there is a chance that the skin-applied gel will partially absorb into their skin. This should be avoided because getting the gel on a pregnant or nursing woman’s skin can harm the unborn child or infant.


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