Andriol Testocaps 40mg (30 capsules) for Sale in UK


manufacturer: Healing Pharma
substance: Testosterone undecanoate
package: 40mg (30 capsules)

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The active ingredient in Andriol Testocaps 40mg oral steroids by Healing Pharma is testosterone undecanoate. This substance, a fatty acid ester of the androgen testosterone, is primarily converted by the body into dihydrotestosterone through the metabolism of testosterone undecanoate. Because testosterone undecanoate enters the lymphatic system, avoids the liver, and is absorbed through the intestine when taken orally, it is effective. In this case, there is absolutely no effect on the liver’s functionality.


Effects and benefits:

The amount of this substance that can be transformed into oestrogens is very small. There is no aromatization of dihydrotestosterone. Because of this, Andriol does not exhibit atomization effects like gynecomastia or fat deposition. As a result, this is the preferred substitute for athletes who experience issues with traditional testosterone injections. Andriol is appropriate for competition preparation in light of this.


Another benefit of testosterone undecanoate is that it prevents the body from experiencing the effects of the steroid on its own hormone production, which only occurs in cases of prolonged use of high doses. Andriol is quickly excreted by the body, so competitions with doping control should take this into consideration.


Recommended dosage:

The suggested daily intake ranges from 240 to 480 mg. Since each capsule contains 40mg of the medication, taking 6–12 capsules daily is recommended. The daily dosage is divided into three or even four doses taken throughout the day because the half-life is between three and five hours.


Recommended duration of use:

The cycle can last anywhere between 8 and 12 wees, but the athlete should decide on the length based on his goals, objectives, and experience.


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